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The Application Of The Fiber Laser Marking Machine

- Jul 25, 2017 -

     Fiber laser marking machine has a very broad application prospects, counties from around the world shows great interest to the fiber laser. In fact, its research began from the late 80s. Compared to other types of laser, fiber laser laser marking machines advantages of high reliability, simple structure, low cost and high conversion efficiency etc. In the new era, fiber laser marking machine will make greater development and progress.


    Laser marking with advantages of permanent marker, no consumables and many other advantages beyond comparison of thermal transfer technology, are more and more applications to replace the traditional marker technique. In addition, due to the rapid development of laser technology, combined with the market demands for high power output, small volume and small amount of maintenance laser products, laser marking machine has gradually develop from the lamp pumped marking machine, diode pumped marking machine to fiber laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machine with laser to etch character, design or bar code, have advantages of marking effect is more exquisite, no consumables, maintenance-free etc.


Along with the support for laser industry from country, especially the technical support for laser processing equipment, to let more laser enterprises have better development potential. We believe that as the domestic market and foreign market is open, the development of optical fiber laser marking machine also will be better and better.


Ans here is the Fiber laser marking machines application of our company. The machine is assembled with fiber laser from Germany or Britain, or RAYCUS. The working time can reach 100,000 hours or above, competent in different work locations.


Fiber laser marking machines are used in a wide variety of applications such as in the marking of gold, silver diamond and other jewelries, sanitary tools, food packaging, tobacco packaging, beer and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipment, watches & glassware, automotive parts, plastic & paper material, electronic hardware, gold bullion, and also in other areas such as aviation, aircraft manufacturing, projectile body and explosion proof materials.  So you can choose whenever you need. For any question, please contact with us. We can offer you many kinds of fiber laser marking machines. Welcome OEM. Thanks!

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