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The Composition Of Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

- Aug 16, 2017 -

          The main components of fiber laser marking machine are as follows:

          1, fiber lasers, currently used most for the IPG brand, and of course, SPI is also useful, SPI Mopo mode of fiber lasers, its market also has a great prospect.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

          2, digital galvanometer, is currently used most of the German ScanLAB Galvanometer, there are raycus mirror, domestic do have Sunney, Hans and so on.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

          3, the field mirror, the current use of the most is the domestic brand, in the optical lens, the domestic effect is sufficient to deal with the most commonly used occasions, so there is no need to find the import brand of the.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

          4, marking control card, the current use is Samlight, Markstudio, and Ezcad also have a certain market.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

          5, the chassis and the circuit part, this part is the factory own design and production, of course, many are custom-made, which is why so many of the fiber-optic machine appearance of the same reason.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

          Optical fiber laser Marking machine will be replaced by the end of 2013 50% of the semiconductor laser marking machine, so at present this period will be the factory to clean up the semiconductor accessories inventory, fiber lasers as long as the domestic fiber laser to achieve a certain degree of cost-effective, this time can also be ahead of the arrival. Fiber laser marking Machine The world's time will not be far.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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