plastics materials and metal marking fiber laser marking machine with cheap price and good quality

laser marking machines for sale plastics materials and metal marking fiber laser marking machine with cheap price and good quality

This table design fiber laser marking machine is most ordinary marking machine with the most competitive prices, most efficient marking performance, as well as the most economical marking solutions. Can marks all kinds of metal, placstics with very good performance.

Product Details


Technical Parameter



Laser Power


Laser   Wavelength


Beam Quality


Laser   Repetition Frequency


Marking Area


Marking   Depth

<=0.5mm (adjustable   with different materials)

Marking   Speed


Min. Line   Width


Min.   Character Size


Repetition   Precision


Power   Consumption


Power Supply


Cooling   Method

Air cooled

Optional Lens

Focal Length

Marking Area





Packing Details

Dimension   (mm)


(machine   head: 300*700*720, table: 460*450*180)

Net Weight   (kg)

33 (machine head: 18, table: 15)

Gross Weight   (kg)


Product Introduction

●This machine uses imported solid laser parts, equipped with LIGHT laser module from US, British Gucci Q-switch, and multiple laser power protection. All of these ensures the laser machine with high efficiency, long working life, and high stability.
●This system adopts air-cooled design, high-precision temperature control, and excellent laser stability. It is guaranteed for 24-hours continuous operation at room temperature.

Product Features
● The peak power of laser output is high, tiny pulse width.
● Tiny laser output spot, slim marking line, competent for marking delicate and intricate graphic etc.
●Air cooled design, the whole structure is compact with small volume.
● The system is stable and easy to operate.
● English and Chinese control interface are easy to operate and very compatible.

Product Application
●Common metal and metal alloy (all kinds of metals such as iron, aluminum, magnesium, zinc), rare metal and rare metal alloy ( gold, silver and titanium); metallic oxide (all metallic oxide is possible), special surface treatment ( phosphating, aluminum anodizing, electroplating); ABS material (electric appliances casing, daily utilities), ink ( light button, printed material), epoxy resin ( sealed packing an insulated layer of electronic components)
●The machine is widely used in electronic products such as all kinds of buttons and switches.

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