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Laser Welding Machine How To Care? What Needs Attention?

- Aug 14, 2015 -

Note: Haiyi laser maintenance must be carried out by specially trained personnel, or prone to serious human damage.

1) In order to ensure Haiyi laser has been in a normal working condition, after two weeks of continuous work or stopped for some time, before turning to deal first YAG rod, medium diaphragm and lens protection glass and other components in the optical path to be checked to determine Each optical assembly no dust pollution, mildew and other anomalies, if the above-mentioned phenomenon should be treated promptly, to ensure that all of the optical components are not damaged in the strong laser irradiation. (If you use the device cleaner environment, the examination can be extended to one month or even longer)

2) cooling water purity laser and the laser output efficiency condenser chamber key component life assurance, use should be checked once a week in the circulating water conductivity to ensure its conductivity 30.5MW · cm, must be replaced within a month Deionized water cycle, water conductivity of the new injection must 32MW · cm. Any time to observe the color change of the cooling system in an ion exchange column, if it is found in the resin exchange column color turns dark brown or black, should be replaced immediately resin.

3) The plant operator can always check the laser output as paper with a black spot, once found uneven spots or energy loss and other phenomena, it is timely for the laser cavity to be adjusted to ensure that the beam quality of the laser output. A typical spot image is as follows: after a good tune adjustments spot good spot laser resonator unmodulated

Warning: This product is a Class 4 laser equipment, direct intense laser irradiation can cause serious harm to human skin, especially eyes will blinding, commissioning the operator must have knowledge of laser safety, the work must be worn for 1.064mm wavelength The special laser protective eyewear.

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