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When Laser Welding Technology Used In Laser Welding

- Aug 14, 2015 -

Laser welding of high intensity laser light through a special optical lens focus, converge on one point, resulting in a high energy density beam, and acting on the workpiece surface, the metal in an instant melting or evaporation, the molten metal at the atomic level, re-joining strength after soldering strength equal to or stronger than a single piece of metal plate, so as to achieve the purpose of welding.

Laser welding Industrial use of the light emitting medium is Nd: YAG (neodymium-yttrium aluminum garnet) solid-state laser generator, the laser wavelength which is emitted 1 064nm, metals (especially iron) to its absorption rate close to 40% , it has been a wide range of applications.

Kind of laser welding

Applied to the body of laser welding divided into two ways: one direct effect welding on the workpiece surface welding, without filling material, laser; the other is filled with solder, known as brazing, mainly used in car roof welding.

According to the size of the laser beam energy density, welding can be divided into heat conduction welding and weld penetration.

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