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Marking On The Of Aluminium Alloy From Our Customer's Sample

- Jan 31, 2018 -

One of our customers sends samples to us, they what us to get the "Emboss " of our logo by laser marking machine.

The material is Aluminium alloy

The marking depth need 0.5mm

The Marking time is about 60-120 seconds

The customer's requirements(which send to us later):

But, pls try more on our part, without the column, it still has many areas can be used for laser printing.

Optimize your mc capability to meet our needs.

Also, pls also find ways to get the lowest cost of me, but, effective way of getting it done, if possible.

As marking machine 20w,30w,50w,100w, will give us very much different on me the cost, right,!

We use the marking machine Model by MOPA JPT60W, and test by different parameters. We test and make the trails for the marking. The marking effect is very good. Our customer very satisfied with it.

Here are the pictures of our fiber laser marking machine

11.jpg  11_副本_副本_副本_副本.jpg

This first one the engraving depth is about 0.35mm            This second one the engraving depth is about 0.5mm

11_副本_副本.jpg    11_副本_副本_副本.jpg

If you have anything want to mark or engrave, you can send us your samples. We can make the trail for you and give you a resolution of the marking.

For any question about the marking machines, please just contact us.

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